Gravid Vecka För Vecka #6

I Samarbete Med Libero

 My sixth video for “pregnancy week for week” – only in Swedish.


Hahah alltså, kanske inte den bästa startbilden. Sammanfattar i alla fall min graviditet i veckans avsnitt av gravid vecka för vecka. Värsta och bästa med graviditeten osv! Det kommer ett inlägg om det också som är lite mer utförligt! Blev en beställning av setet från Nelly förresten som ni ser och jag är så glad för det. Så fint och skönt! Ni hittar det här (adlink).

Not the best start picture, lol. However, I’m making a little pregnancy summary this episode. I’ll write a post about that too for those who doesn’t understand Swedish or aren’t able to see the video. I made an order of the knitted set and I’m so happy for that. So nice and comfy! You find it here (adlink).

7 Responses to “Gravid Vecka För Vecka #6”

  • Sara says:

    Redan kollat via youtube 🙂

  • Agata says:

    Du är så bäst! Alltid så glad och verkar så genuint trevlig och snäll!

  • Sofia says:

    Så kul att följa er i videoformat 😁 vad har du för strl på setet? Så fint!

  • Omppu says:

    Hej! I just wanted to apologize to you, I commented very critically in one of your early posts when you weren’t feeling so good in your body about your pregnancy and I was very harsh to you (commented something stupid about your priorities etc). I’ve followed your journey and just want to say that I think you are an amazing young woman and your positivity and great attitude towards life and motherhood is very inspiring. I admit I judged too quickly and solely based on social media, which I should not have done. These videos (I understand Swedish but am way too bad at writing it hehe) have really opened up your personality more to your followers and it’s been lovely to learn more about you. I love your attitude toward the stretch marks – your reaction on this video was just so genuine and it is so clear that this baby and your family are the most important to you. So once again I apologize for judging you – which never should have happened – and I wish you all the best. You’re going to be an amazing mum and your little girl is so lucky to have you as a parent. Kram!

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