Beaches & Rock Pools

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Me wearing Chiquelle Swimwear – See the full collection here.


Hej fina! Jag har just nu ett samarbete med Chiquelle Swimwear. Dom har verkligen allt jag söker när det kommer till badkläder! Simpla färger och modeller med perfekt fit. Jag har denna i vitt även, älskar. Lika mycket som jag värnar om en garderob med perfekta basplagg så är det också viktigt med bas-bikinis som funkar till alla tillfällen. Har fotat i lite andra av deras produkter som jag ska visa sedan! Puss från Bali.

/ Hi guys! I have a collaboration with Chiquelle Swimwear right now. They have everything I’m searching for when it comes to swimwear. Simple colors and models with the perfect fit. I have this one in white too! Love it. As much as I go all in for the perfect basic pieces in my wardrobe, I also think you need those perfect basic bikinis that you can use to every occasion. I’ve been taking some pictures with some of their other swimwear pieces too! I’ll show you later. Kisses from Bali!

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