My Five Best Purchases in 2015.


1. Chloe “Faye Bag” – Even if I bought some designer bags during 2015, this one is my most loved one.


2. Acne “Alaska Scarf” – I bought it in early march and had used it 99 out of 100 days since.. and it still look new (!).


3. Acne “mock leather jacket” – Most likely my best purchase ever.


4. Chanel “Flap Wallet” – Said goodbye to my Acne Wallet after 5 years and hello to this beauty.


5. Hérmes “Oran Sandals” – Been using these ones everyday on every vacay since I bought them.


Här har ni mina bästa köp 2015. Jag hade skrivit ner ännu fler saker till en början men tillslut blev det alldeles för många så fick sålla bort till en topp fem, haha. I år har jag istället för att lägga massa pengar på flera halvdana saker lagt ner en lite större summa på det bästa. Det har både (faktiskt) blivit mer lönsamt och framförallt slutat upp med att jag använder plaggen så mycket som jag borde. Vilket har varit ert bästa köp 2015?

/ Here you have my best purchases 2015. I had a much longer list before but It ended up being way too long so I had to cut it down to a top five instead, lol. This year I have instead of buying a lot of mediocre pieces I did spend a larger amount of money on one perfect piece. It ended up being both more economically and more useful in the long term. Which have been your best purchase 2015?

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