My Fashion Snapshots #1


My favorite Tee’s right now. Find them (adlinks): Here & Here


Love my new lace shorts – find them here (adlink).


Gotta love my leather jackets.


Chillwear at home.



Hej fina! Tänkte börja med en ny kategori i bloggen. Gillar ni det? Tänkte att det skulle få bli lite blandade bilder som jag tagit och hoppas kan inspirera er. Just detta blev ju inte i det färggladaste laget, typiskt mig – haha. Puss!

/ Have been thinking about this new category for a while and decided to try it out. Do you like it? Some different photos I’ve taken and hopefully can inspire you a little. Well.. this post isn’t the most colorful, but hey thats me, lol. Kisses!

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