18:29 | July 28, 2014

IM NEXT 2.0 – The Movie


Här är alltså resultatet från vårt lilla projekt vi höll på med för några dagar sedan! Vi firar just över ett år på Im Next, vilket vi gör med bland annat ny design som ni kanske ser. Samtidigt som jag vill säga att detta år gått otroligt fort så har vi även hunnit med så otroligt mycket. Allt från att besöka galor tillsammans till att besöka olika platser i världen. Älskar mitt team, alla som ni får se och inte får se! Vi har även som ni kanske ser en ny medlem här på Im Next, ingen mindre än Julian Hernandez (besök hans blogg här). En ära att ha honom på vårt team, in och hälsa han välkommen vettja. Kram på er!

Translate/ And here you have the result from our little project I showed you some photos from the other day. We’re celebrating over one year on I’m next, which we do with a new design. I want to say that this year has gone by sooo fast, but in the same time we’ve done so much things. Everything from gala partys to visit different places in the world. I love my team, everyone that you can see and everyone you don’t see so much. We also got a new member here on Im Next, no one less than Julian Hernandes (visit his blog here). We’re so greatful to have him on our team, visit him and say hi! Kisses

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  1. Fabienne on

    saw this video yesterday and i looooved it :) its soo soo super cool, really and i love the new design and that julian is now in your crew hehe :) everything is just perfect…buuuuuuuuuuut yes now there is a but ;) I AM disappointed…not by the video or the crew…i am disappointed because i thought when you said earlier you will come back to us later with the result of the thing you showed us some days ago! you meant the thing with rami….you know the shooting and all…you make such a secret out of it and i thought TODAY you gonna tell us…i even thought the pic you showed us today is a little preannouncement…. :( haha Someone cheered too soon.

    • Victoria Törnegren on

      answer: I don’t really know what you mean? This video is the result of the post with the behind the scenes-picture I showed you some days ago with Rami and so on :) sorry to dissapoint you.

      • Fabienne on

        haha its my fault…ofc you didnt dissapoint me – you never do. i meant this shoot ;)

        and now i read it again and you actually said that you will tell us more about that in august…so i just was to euphoric to finally know what the shoot was about…haha typical me ;) i didnt thought of the video since i saw it already yesterday you know so i this wasnt in my mind as a “secret” anymore and i thought the only secret shoot was the other one which you did a month ago…;)


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