New York #1

Wearing Eriks blazer from Selected, sunglasses from Chimi, Shorts from Gina Tricot & belt bag from Chanel.

Waking up to a rainy NY feels pretty nice because it means no work.

The belt bag is actually an old wallet from Chanel I stopped using because it’s a bit too big. So I took a belt from another belt bag and used it to this one. Perfect like this!

I always print a lot of food stops I see on Instagram and stories & this place was one of them. And this pasta OMG! Funny fact – Kendall Jenner was there at the same time.


Hej fina! Regnigt idag och jag har lite tid över för datorn. Har så mycket bilder att gå igenom, h-e-r-r-e-g-u-d. Här kommer några! Idag spöregnar det som sagt så vi kan inte göra så mycket, vilket faktiskt känns rätt skönt och mysigt. Vi gick till vår favoritrestaurang här i SoHo – Balthazar och beställde “det vanliga”, moules frites and steak frites. Efter det strosade vi runt i lite butiker. Nu är vi tillbaka på hotellrummet och väntar ut Ellies sovstund innan vi ska iväg en sväng igen. Funderar på att kika på en ny förlovningsring till Erik (köpte hans gamla han tappade bort här i NYC). Xx

Hi guys! Rainy today here in NYC so I have some time over at the computer. I have so much pictures to look through, gosh. Here is some of them! So rainy weather means that we can’t do so much which feels pretty nice and cozy. We went to our favorite restaurant here in Soho called Balthazar and ordered the usual, moules frites and steak frites. After that we strolled around in the city and looked in some stores. Now we’re back at the hotel and are waiting for Ellie to wake up before we will continue shopping. I think we’re off to look at a new engagement ring for Erik which he lost when he were out swimming (we bought his last one here). Xx

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