17:20 | November 9, 2016

A Glimpse From Our Livingroom


livingroom1 picture livingroom2

Photowall from Desenio.


Hej fina! Här får ni en liten titt på vårt vardagsrum. Vi har varit väldigt effektiva den senaste tiden med att få klart här hemma! Sovrummet är nu helt klart, ska visa bilder därifrån sedan. Vardagsrummet börjar se ut som vi vill. Vi satte upp en tavelvägg förra veckan och shit vilken skillnad det blev. Vi har ju väldigt högt i tak så lite tavlor gjorde verkligen stor skillnad. Vi beställde från Desenio. Tycker det är skitsvårt att veta riktigt hur man ska sätta alla tavlor, så gillar verkligen deras inspirationssida. Tips! Hoppas ni gillar. Puss!


/ Hi guys! Here you get a look on our livingroom. We been super effective the last week with our home. The bedroom is all done (I’m going to show you some pictures later). The livingroom is starting to get there. We did put up a photo wall last week and wow, what a difference. Our walls are pretty high so some photos really made a big difference. Hope you like it! Xx

43 Responses to “A Glimpse From Our Livingroom”

  1. Sylvie on

    Where did you get the thin black picture frames from? Are they also from Desinio? I only saw more massive frames there I believe. Thanks!

  2. rebecca on

    Hello! I love your style and living room taste. Where did you purchase your frames from? I’m having a hard time finding any that are as thin as these in the US that are still nice quality. Thanks :)

  3. G on

    Hey is that Landskrona couch from Ikea? I was considering buying it as well but wasnt sure about the quality. How do you like it? Is it comfortable and how is the leather holding up?


    • victoriatornegren on

      answer: That’s right! We had the same in our old apartment :) Just had that one for two years though and the one we have now for one year. So don’t know about the leather after that!

  4. Justin on

    Hi there,

    Do you think you could let me know whether you got your brass and black pendant light fixture? I absolutely love it.



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