17:44 | August 31, 2015

Random Pics from Hvar


2Our only have 2 everyday.

3Fresh fruit every morning from the market in the Old Town.

1Every day beach day kinda look.

7The classic view.

9Fruit <3

8And yeah.. a bikini pic.

Så! Här har ni lite bilder från idag. Hur fint är det inte? Har lite bråttom nu då vi ska hinna ta oss ut innan solen går ner och jag ska hinna duscha innan. Ska försöka ta lite fler bilder i området där vi bor, gamla stan dvs (där jag tog outfitbilder igår). Så vackert här! Puss

/ So here you have some pictures from today. I’m in a hurry right now. Have to get out before the sunset and I have to take a shower before. I will take some more photos of the old town where we staying. So beautiful here! Kisses

19 Responses to “Random Pics from Hvar”

  1. Anna on

    Hey Victoria! The first picture of this post looks absolutely gorgeous! I simply can’t get over the fact that water can actually be that clear somewhere. If only I could dive into the sea right this moment.

    Also, you’re looking pretty like you always do. Love from Helsinki! xx

  2. Fionna on

    so jealous i wish i was there!!! the water looks amazing

    also a suggestion on the new blog, maybe make your header or have a link leading to home? i feel like every time i want to go back to the main page i have to resubmit the link. just a friendly suggestion xx


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