1:00 | August 27, 2014

FW Stockholm – Day 1 #Outfit

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Hej finigar! Jisses, kom just hem efter världens längsta dag typ. Modeveckan satte som sagt igång idag och jag har varit på massor med visningar och umgåtts med mina underbaraste bloggvänner. Just nu får ni en outfit då mitt kamerabatteri dog redan vid frukosten i morse, haha. Så kan det gå! Spöregnade idag så orkade faktiskt inte ta på mig någonting som kändes lite extra genomtänkt och tänkte inte ens fota vad jag hade på mig. Körde på bekvämt helt enkelt. Såklart blev det massvis med uppehåll så det var ju lite typiskt, haha. Men imorgon är jag mer än redo med fulladdat batteri och annat än helsvart.. förhoppningsvis ;)! Puss på er.

Translate/ Hi you! Just got home after the longest day ever. The fashionweek started today here in Stockholm so I’ve been to a lot of fashionshows and had some time with my amazing blogfriends. Right now you’ll just get an outfit from me. My battery in the camera was dead even before the breakfast.. damn. It was so rainy today so I skipped my planned outfit and did go for something comfertable, didn’t even want to take a picture of it. Of course the sun was almost shining now and then, damn. But tomorrow is another day and I will have a full charged battery for my camera and something else than all black.. hopefully ;)! Kisses.


Jacka – FWSS, Jeans – Topshop (here), Sunglasses – Ray Ban (here), Shoes – Acne

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  1. tiara on

    vici your body is my goal…can i ask if your weight is still 46kilo? i found a Q&A from 2011 in which you said that :) it was at your old blog :)

  2. Fabienne on

    which size did you got in that jeans? because i normaly have 25 but now i saw that they say 25=EU34 and that means for them taille 62 and hip 84…taille would be ok with 62 but i have quit an ass like you so 84 is a bit too smal i guess…dont know if my ass would fit in a 25….so i ask you what did you got?? :)

    • Victoria Törnegren on

      answer: It’s sooo much stretch in these pair of jeans so I don’t think It’s matter. I got 25 on mine :)


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