Paris Food Stops

Where to eat when you’re in Paris.



A cozy little coffée shop. It just have that amazing home-made feeling over everything on the menu. This home made Granola was seriously the best one I ever tried.

76, rue des Tournelles


Paris New York

I heard so much good thing about this place. Yes, the burgers tasted really good. A classic less is more place and I loved the combination of sprinkled lemonade and burgers.

96 Rue Oberkampf


Holiday Café 

This place is so beautiful. I can honestly say that we went there mostly for the white front and the cute small french tables outside. I’ll make a full post about this place later.

192, avenue de Versailles



This place is one of our favorite stops. The place just felt so modern and fresh! I have a feeling this place would be that place where I would hang out with my friends if I lived in Paris.

1 Rue Charles-François Dupuis


Så, här kommer en liten foodguide från Paris. Hade en hel lista på ställen jag ville besöka, öppettiderna i visade sig dock sätta stopp för det, haha. Köket stängde och öppnade lite märkliga tider på många ställen och vissa ställen visade sig vara stängda om inte måndag-tisdag så tisdag-onsdag. Tips från mig är alltså att kika upp sådant så ni kan planera. De stopp vi hann med var dock superbra! Hoppas ni gillar. Puss!


So, here is a foodguide from Paris. I had a list on the places I wanted to visit. The opening hours where a bit strange on most of the places though. Some places even had close monday-tuesday or tuesday-wednesday. So check that up so you can plan! The ones we got the chance to visit were so good though. Hope you like it! Xx

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