Christmas & NYE Dresses

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Som jag nämnde förut tycker jag Nelly har så himla bra utbud när det kommer till kläder runt jul och nyår. Beställer alltid hem ett större paket och testar! Blir ju lite begränsad i år men så länge materialet är lite mjukare och klänningen inte är allt för kort så funkar det mesta. Tror nummer 3 kan bli superfin! Beställde även jumpsuiten (nr 2, den kan dock sitta hur som helst, haha). Tycker de lösa glitterklänningarna är perfektion (nr 5&6), kan jag inte ha den så kommer jag spara den till nästa år. Älskar tanken med oversized t-shirt känlsa, bara ben, ett par örhängen och höga klackar. Får se hur den sitter helt enkelt! Såg att den var på 20% off idag också. Puss

Like I told you before I think Nelly have such a good range of products when it comes to the christmas holiday. I always make a big order with a lot of different dresses and jumpsuits and try them on. I’m a bit limited this year but as long as the fabric is a bit softer and the dresses a bit longer it shouldn’t be a problem. I think number 3 will look really nice! I think the oversized sequin dresses is perfection (nr 5&6). If I can’t wear it this year, I will save it for the next. I love the thought of a dress with that oversized feeling, bare legs, high heels and a pair of earrings. Can’t wait to try it on! It’s on 20% off today too. Xx

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  • Suky says:

    My heart was breaking when I read your expressed excitement on your finance holding your baby in his arms. My sister is and like you. She and her husband, married for 2 years and are expecting a baby girl and of Jan. Her husband fell down the stairs (took only 3 steps) and passed away immediately in my sister’s arms last week. They recently bought a house, been there for 3 weeks and few hours before he died he held a babygrow pretending to soothe his baby. He had so many dreams and aspirations of enjoying his new achievements. Im sure even my sister couldn’t wait for him to hold his baby. Don’t understand why God can be so cruel. I feel so sad my heart aches for my sister.

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