19:48 | November 8, 2017

Denim & Leather


Products (adlinks):

Bag – Chanel
Turtleneck – Asos (here)
Shoes – NLY Shoes (here)
Jeans – Pull&Bear (here)
Jacket – H&M


Hej på er! Här kommer min look från idag när vi strosat runt i Paris. Shit, det var verkligen så mycket kallat här än jag trodde, typiskt när det är kallare än hemma när man åker iväg, haha. Jaja, inget regn i alla fall så vi är nöjda. Jag hittade mig ett par mom-jeans när jag shoppade, samma modell som förut men fick gå upp tre storlekar. Ändå så glad att det gick och känns bekvämt! Vi har bara imorgon kvar här i Paris, blev en snabbvisit. Så försöker jobba bort mycket på dagarna så har lite mindre tid här. Hoppas ni förstår! Puss

Hi guys! Here is a look from today when we strolled around in Paris. It’s so much colder here than I thought, warmer back home, lol. Well, no rain so we don’t complain! I found myself a pair of mom-jeans when we were out shopping, same model as before, just had to go up three sizes. So happy that I can wear them and that they feel comfortable. We just have tomorrow left here in Paris, just here a quick one. So we try to work as much as we can during the days so I don’t have much time for the blog. Hope you understand! Xx

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  1. Diana Free on

    Your outfit is so sleek and has the perfect amount of edge. I’m so surprised your jacket is from H & M, totally was thinking Acne.

  2. sam on

    I love the outfit. If i wouldnt know that you are pregnant i couldnt tell by this photos. The Outfit is really smth you wear all year around so i am happy for you that you found a look that feels you. Is the jacket new? I think it looks amazing and i am also surprised that it isnt from Acne.

    • victoriatornegren on

      answer: Thank you! Well, I should have showed you some looks from the side, def pregnant, lol! I bought it this summer :)

    • victoriatornegren on

      answer: I honestly don’t know either! But like I wrote, I had to go up 3 sizes. Will be so much fun to try them on then the belly is gone later on! Xx


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