Walking down the road.

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Hej på er! Gosh, what a day. Påbörjat jobb kring ett samarbete som sträcker sig över hela oktober, tog väl typ hela dagen. Efter att jag var klar med det slängde jag av mig mina tighta kläder och tog på mig det slappaste jag kunde hitta och gick ner till affären. And omg someone just happen’ to take some photos on me and here they are. Hehe! Imorgon är dagen också fullplanerad, men mest massa skoj. Puss!

/ Hi guys! Gosh, what a day. Started a big job with a collab I will have in october. It took me all day! After I was done with that I took my tight clothes off and just grabbed the loosest and softest and could find in a short amount of time and went to the store to buy some dinner. And omg.. someone just happened to take some photos 😉 lol. Tomorrow my day will be busy aswell, but just with funny stuff. Kisses!  


My Look:

Shoes – Birkenstock
Jeans – River Island
Shirt – Monki
Sweater – BOSS

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